Welcome to my new website. While is still very active and very current, here, on you'll find some additional information about things going on in my life. The news I'm most excited about right now is my memoir, "From Elvis to Elvira: My Life On Stage" which will be released on August 1.


Writing a book is something that I have thought about doing for many years, and the time finally felt right. I have been blessed with an amazing life -- one of which I could have never dreamed. Just think about it: raised in New Jersey, I not only came to love gospel quartets, I somehow found my way to make a living singing with one. But more than simply making a living, I soon found myself onstage with the greatest performer in the history of music, Elvis Presley. And while that should have been enough for any dreamer, I somehow found the faith to leave that job to join a group that I truly loved and believed could become something great. Forty years later, I'm still thrilled to be the bass singer for The Oak Ridge Boys.


That's my life in a paragraph, but there's so much more. I hope you'll enjoy reading about my life both on stage and off. Its been an amazing ride, and I'm so thankful that it's not over yet!





I was just beginning to find my voice when this picture was taken. Believe it or not, at this point in my life, that voice was one of a boy soprano. But things would soon change.



The early days of living the life I chose.


One of my first shows on stage with JD Sumner and The Stamps Quartet.


Shortly after The Stamps began singing with Elvis, this photo was taken a few days after he had presented us with our TCB necklaces. That was quite a night.


A clipping from Billboard magazine when it was announced that Elvis would appear in a film documenting his spring tour in 1972.


This flyer shows the itinerary for Elvis's summer tour in 1972.


A ticket to one of four sold out shows Elvis performed at New York's Madison Square Garden. No artist had ever sold so many tickets in the Garden's history. What a thrill it was to sing with him there.


Me singing onstage with Elvis in Macon, GA in 1972.


Singing with The Oaks in Brussels, Belgium.


Talking with Mr. October, Reggie Jackson.


This is actually the first time I ever met George Herbert Walker Bush, who, at the time, was Vice President to Ronald Reagan.


George Bush "41" listening as we sing at the Inauguration of George Bush "43."


In the studio recording the "It's Only Natural" project for Cracker Barrel.


One of the proudest nights of our professional life, becoming official members of The Grand Ole Opry.


Singing onstage with my brothers.


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